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Bathroom Renovations

Renovating a bathroom is always a daunting project due to the high cost involved. A basic bathroom will start at $14,000.

Here at White Diamond Services we install a lot of flat packs in bathrooms as a way of keeping costs down whilst still obtaining functionality and importantly a first class finish. 

So here are our top 10 tips when renovating a bathroom.

  1. Write down a “must have” list and a “wish list” for items you require and would like in your new bathroom.
  2. Thin out both lists keeping in mind that with small areas like these less is more. A clean and uncluttered look will save money and enhance what you choose.
  3. Choose a company you can trust , not only based on price but based on knowledge, references and above all good communication skills (THESE WILL BE ESSENTIAL DURING THE COURSE OF THE PROJECT).
  4. If you only have a main bathroom, moving out for the initial 2 weeks may be an option, but if not be prepared to put up with a bit of noise and dust (especially in the early stages of the work).
  5. To make your bathroom appear larger, always choose a semi-frame less or frameless shower screen.
  6. Structurally: if you choose a free standing bath to replace your old bathtub, especially in upstairs areas, be aware of companies that just say ok .Most times you will be replacing a bathtub that is structurally supported by a frame built around it to one that is supported solely by the subfloor ( this will need to be opened and re-enforced to take up the additional weight.
  7. In situ (walk in) versus standard shower base will add additional costs , as will expensive fittings which in most cases have the same “look” as their “cheaper” counter parts
  8. Wall mounted vanities are in at the moment and can make the room look bigger. When choosing this item, ensure the quality is good , as the cheaper versions do not have the back support required to attach to the wall, which will create a problem in  the future.
  9. Always ask your builder to install mini-stop valves on your water outlets (these are relatively cheap to purchase and install but save money when maintenance needs to be under taken on plumbing)
  10. Finally, and most importantly, enjoy the experience. It is exciting to be under taking a bathroom renovation and the company you choose should make this experience enjoyable. They will steer you in the right direction with advice and choices to make it enjoyable and exciting, and by the end you will be able to trust their judgement implicitly.